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How to wear Ponchos & Wraps

Ponchos are very light but they always keep you warm. Ponchos can also turn into a scarf when you want them to. So we have so many people who ask question about what is a poncho.

Ponchos are like scarves but they are a bit wider and they have a hole for you to put your head in. Ponchos were very popular by people from South America and they were believed to be Indians. The south American Indians are believed to be the first people to wear ponchos.


Later on these ponchos became widely known by the Mexicans and nowadays people wear them all over the world.

 So what’s the difference between a poncho and a wrap?

A wrap is a cloth that can be wrapped around your shoulders looking like a scarf. This is very different from a poncho because a poncho can be worn through your head.  A wrap can be worn however you like it. It can be wrapped once or even twice around your neck and shoulders.

 The History of ponchos is Mexico

In the old days Mexicans used to cut pieces of clothes into rectangular or squared shapes to make ponchos. They basically formed these shapes and cut a hole in the middle where they then inserted their heads through the hole. They became very popular during the civil war in the United States because they were exported into the USA.

Nowadays there are many rescuers and hunters using these types of ponchos. Fashion designers have become aware of these types of ponchos and made brilliant designs for women to wear. They are becoming one of the most needed clothing for ladies and women. People use these ponchos to show how fashionable and trendy they are.

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