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The History of Ponchos

South American once called these things ponchos.   These pieces of garments or you can also name it a Sarape.   These pieces of garments were used by the South American people and were cut into a squared of a rectangular shape and a hole was cut in the center of the garment.   Once the hole was torn they put their head through it and wore it as what is now called a poncho.

During the pre-Hispanic time most people wore ponchos.   They were becoming so popular that even the US Miltary personnel started wearing them during war in the 1850s.   Later on the ponchos became very iconic by the Mexican people.   Most women chose to wear a poncho as it was trendy and convenient to wear.

Perhaps among the best known pieces of conventional Mexican clothing is the Sombrero.   There are three main varieties of Mexican clothing.   Coogi clothes have a long-history in the style world.   Camel hair was the key material used to make the weaves to produce the fabric.


An indigenous group in Southern Chile, for instance, called the Mapuche to be connected to the arrival of the poncho.   It's a lot simpler to locate what you will need for a vacation when you've arrived at your destination.   It can be a poncho or a Mapuche.

Nowadays we have loads of fancy Ponchos.   Some of them are rain Ponchos and some are made for going out.   Ponchos are still trendy these days and women just love wearing them.   If you would like to explore a variety of Ponchos, you might want to visit our page and select the ones you adore.

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