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Rosarini ladies clothes jersey

Jersey, the fabric we use for our elegant and practical clothes, has been around for a long time. Those who know their fabrics have a deep appreciation for the unique qualities of jersey. Those who're new to the enchanting and diverse world of clothing material are being wowed by jersey.

Jersey is special and the new black that everyone is talking about.


What is Jersey?

It is a knit fabric

It can be made from wool, cotton or synthetic fibres

It is used for T-shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, wraps and ponchos

The term 'jersey' is named after one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy, where locals used weft-knitted fabric to make sweaters.

A jersey knit is originally a casual knit that creates a smooth face and a textured back. But designers have used it in avant-garde ways to create complex, unique pieces.

For the shopper who likes her clothes chic and low-maintenance, the versatility and convenience of jersey are welcome. At Rosarini, jersey tops, dresses and outerwear are available in a number of solid and light colours. The styles are simple – and with the right accessories – you can dress up or down to suit the occasion or mood. For instance, a long tunic top crafted from jersey can be accessorised with a scarf for a chic office look OR paired with skinnies, long boots and heavy jewelry for an evening out.

Why would you want to pick a jersey dress over other fabrics? Here are some points to consider, especially if you're a globe trotter or frequent business traveller:

The fabric does not crease. You can roll your jersey dress in your backpack/travel bag and be assured that it will maintain its shape when it's time to put it on. No ironing needed.

Jersey is an anti-fade, anti-shrink fabric. The colours retain their depth after long-term use, which means your jersey skirt or top won't start looking and feeling too old too soon.

The fabric is flexible and stretchable without distorting out of shape. It drapes your body tastefully, skimming your curves, not clinging to them.

The fabric is breathable, promising top comfort even in terribly humid conditions. If you tend to sweat a lot, nothing better than jersey to keep you cool and non-sticky.

Easily machine washable, allowing you to care for your favourite pieces easily.

Rosarini's ladies clothes crafted from jersey are reasonably priced. They are stylish, comfortable, hassle-free – ideal for the 'every woman' who values sophistication.

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