Airport style is a very real thing. Day in and day out, we see pictures of actresses and other female public figures breeze through the airport looking chic and flawless. For a lot of working women, traveling is a necessary evil and so is finding comfortable and stylish business clothes for women. So how do you ooze perfection while traveling every single day?

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Pair a simple Travel T-Shirt with slim jeans and a chic blazer. Choose the Travel T-Shirt that is wrinkle free & soft so you can easily pack without worrying about ironing. Tortoise shell sunglasses and a pair of pumps in a neutral shade will finish the outfit.


Black Shift Dress
Black Shift Dress


An A-line dress or a straight dress coupled with a solid color cardigan creates a combination of business clothes that is the perfect blend of formal and stylish. This outfit is perfect if you need to head straight into a meeting right after you land. ROSARINI has a large selection of crease resistant dresses that is definitely worth checking out. It's perfect for casual wear or the office with a blazer thrown over it.



Picking comfortable travel clothes means you have to sometimes sacrifice style for comfort. Skirts are not a practical solution, but pants are. Grab a pair of your most stylish, well-fitting palazzo pants or perhaps a pair of basic pants. A simple shirt or blouse can do wonders to finish your look. A long coat during the colder months is the perfect accessory for business wear. Make sure to grab a pair of comfortable flats for the journey. 


As we mentioned, comfort is an important factor when picking travel clothes. Slim cropped pants, when paired with a formal shirt or A-line top, make an interesting outfit choice. Sandals in a pastel or metallic shade might be a good choice for footwear with this outfit.

The kind of business travel outfit you choose depends on your workplace, your itinerary and above all, your comfort. So choose wisely.