It definitely seems as if the market is saturated with clothes but there is still a struggle to find fashionable and stylish plus size clothes. In an ideal world, the clothing industry would have a huge selection of plus size clothing but it can be difficult to find clothes suitable for sizes that are suitable for curvy figures. The amazing collection by ROSARINI has many options to choose from. You can choose from a variety of pants including cropped pants, slim pants, pocket pants, wide leg pants, leggings, boot leg and more. You can also find stylish tops, dresses, and cardigans with a variety of sleeves and necklines.

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Plus Size maxi Dresses

Find the perfect fit

Regardless of the type of body you have, finding the right fit is important.  Whether it is a plus size dress or shirt it is important that it fits well.  By fit, we mean it should make you feel comfortable and flatter your body.  Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that is too tight should be eliminated from your wardrobe. An A-line cut might be suitable for some women, while for others, a slim fit works better.


Experiment with colors & styles

If bright colored clothes make you feel happy, go for it. It is important that you choose colours that flatter your skin, hair and eye colourings.  Pair a bright red top with navy basic pants or a dress in a solid color with a cardigan in a contrasting colour to create a fresh & modern look.  Mix colours like purple & red, pink & red, teal & brown, black & brown, navy & black….never be afraid to experiment with colour. 

Colour can have a great influence on how you feel and how the world responds to you.


Plus Size maxi Dresses

Solids can complement your figure nicely

The best thing to do while picking flattering plus size clothing is to go for solid colors, be it black, red, purple, green or grey.  They can give you a sleeker look and be easily paired with different accessories.  For instance, you can pair a purple top with black leggings and use an animal print bag to spice things up.

Baggy clothes? Yes or No?

Plus size ladies clothes do not always have the most options but it is made easier when you mix and match and create outfits that reflect your personal style.  Baggy clothes can sometimes highlight the areas you would prefer to conceal.  If you like baggy clothes you could try limiting the baggy style piece to the top or the bottom – not both.  So, mix a baggy top with some slim pants add some heels or a wedge shoe which can help to elongate the legs giving a sleek look.

style Ideas

In conclusion, wear what you are comfortable with and what makes you feel confident in your own skin.  Fashion is a very subjective thing and you should feel free to have your own interpretation of it.

There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. No matter what your size or shape be confident and most of all have fun with fashion.