The inspiration behind ROSARINI



Founder & Designer

This is what inspired me to create ROSARINI

For most of my life I struggled to find anything that fit me properly and would be suitable for work or weekends and was actually comfortable to wear.

I wanted simple yet stylish pieces that would effortlessly go together and look good all day. Clothes that I didn't have to think about.

... this is what continues to inspire me.

I spent a long time designing each piece over & over perfecting the fit so that it would flatter different shapes & sizes. I got as much feedback as I could. Asking friends and family of different ages and sizes to try on my designs.

I tested many fabrics. It had to be luxurious in touch but practical to care for. It had to have a 2-way stretch but not stretch out of shape and it definitely could not crease. It had to be durable and long lasting - something that I could wash & wear - season after season.

I wanted to be able to get in the car and put on a seatbelt and not look a creased mess when I got out. I wanted to be able to work all day then go out for dinner without changing. I didn't want to worry that my favourite black pants might shrink or fade after every wash. I simply wanted clothes that made my life easier. On top of this I wanted to look fantastic and feel fabulous.


"My years of knowing exactly what I didn't want helped me in creating what I did want"

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Women today are mega multi-taskers with family, jobs, children, homework, cooking, school, travel, fitness & friends - our clothes must meet the challenges of what we need to accomplish each day.

My dream was a wardrobe of clothes that would multi-task as much as I did. Pieces that would mix and match to create the perfect outfits for work and weekends.
Clothes that I could change with accessories. Clothes that I could layer. Clothes I could travel in.

Clothes that make my life better. 
Clothes that empower me. 
Clever clothes.

Opening my wardrobe doors each morning is where the magic happens... I know I have all the various options in my wardrobe to create the perfect outfit. That's my goal - to help women look forward to opening their wardrobe doors. To no longer fear they have nothing to wear or won't be able to find the appropriate outfit.

Edgy, classic, elegant, sleek, or demure. Each day I can create the look that best fits my mood.

With ROSARINI getting dressed is something I look forward to.





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