Uniform Styling

Strengthen your brand - first impressions count!

Are you looking for a range of clothing that will suit all your employees and projects your corporate brand in the most professional way?

At ROSARINI we specialise in clothing that is easy care, durable and will look good on all your employees.  Our unique high quality fabric is machine washable, quick dry & will not shrink, fade or change shape.  Making it perfect for high rotation wearing that often comes with uniforms and corporate clothing.

The Poly-Spandex blend has a soft organic feel and drapes the body without clinging - the weight of the fabric is perfect for busy employees who need to be comfortable yet professional.  

Workwear requires pieces that will look good after wearing as well as enhancing your brand image.

Transform the way your team feels, performs & represents your company.

 It is important that your team project a professional image that represents both the company values as well as staying true to their own personal style so that they feel the best version of themselves, whilst staying true to the company ethos and brand.

 First impressions can be crucial in the business environment today. Dress codes can vary from industry to industry and can directly affect credibility so it is important to stay current when it comes to workplace dressing.

We can curate a uniform that is unique and specific to your business.  Please contact us to discuss your requirments in more detail. 

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