Finding the perfect outfit can be a challenge and something that even the most experienced shopper can find difficult.  At ROSARINI our aim is to make shopping simple and stress free.  A place where you can be confident that no matter what the event or occasion we will help you find what you are looking for.  Our Designer, Karen Scheinecker likes to call this process ‘finding your MOJO’… we love working with our customers to find their own individual style and fit.  Once we find each person’s own unique ‘MOJO’ then we are off and running.  We can focus on colours and styles to create outfit combinations to suit the exact needs of each person.

Karen loves putting together outfits and showing clients how her designs can be worn in different ways.  This allows you to create more looks with less pieces.  Don’t look at a dress only as a dress.  Add a pair of leggings and a poncho, throw on a necklace. Or put a t-shirt over the dress – now it looks like a skirt. 

Long Sleeve Tunic Blue
ROSARINI Women's Long Sleeve Tunic


Our philosophy is to have a versatile set of basics that combine together to create whatever look you are going for.  Some days we feel puffy so we want clothes that are forgiving others we are awesome and need that outfit that shows our best features. The unique ROSARINI fabric is both luxurious and comfortable – our clients are quick to agree that once you start wearing ROSARINI clothes you will find it difficult to go back to wearing anything else.



Karen is a busy, multi-tasking Mum and designs for what she likes to refer to as “real women”.  Women who need to accomplish many things in a day and want to do it looking good & more importantly feeling great!  I want to know that what I put on in the morning is going to last the whole day and look as good as when I put it on.  No fuss, no mess and definitely NO CREASES (seat belt creases used to drive me crazy).  Clothes that work as hard as I do.  Clothes that don’t need me to worry about them so I have more time to focus on what I need to get done in a day.  

Oversize Top Wide Leg Pants
Quarter Sleeve Basic T-Shirt


We are so lucky to have a brand that can be worn all day, every day.  Navigating fashion which changes so quickly, can be stressful.  Feeling like you don’t have the appropriate or fashionable or on-trend outfit, can make each day or each time you need to get dressed something that makes you feel anxious.  We want to make getting dressed something, that you look forward to – something you feel excited about.  Opening the wardrobe doors each morning should allow you to find exactly what you need.  At ROSARINI we can make that happen.

Shopping at ROSARINI will mean you always have what you want to wear exactly when you need to wear it…