Corporate Image Workshop

Image matters in the workplace

We will tailor make a workshop to suit your business and individual needs. This can be a presentation for a group of executives or a one-on-one session and can be anything from 1 hour to a full day. We can present in your office or at a conference location and cover all areas of corporate image for greater confidence and success. Your team will come away with insights on the power of the professional image and how dress for success.

This is an ideal package for executives who want to elevate their leadership presence and to build their impactful image for reaching higher career goals. Your team will learn all about the importance of professional image, from the elements of style to the power of colour, and how to incorporate the current fashion and trends in corporate dress codes for all business occasions.

Transform the way your team feels, performs & represents your company

 It is important that your team project a professional image that represents both the company values as well as staying true to their own personal style so that they feel the best version of themselves, whilst staying true to the company ethos and brand.

Navigating business dressing is important and we will cover topics such as styles, colours and silhouettes. First impressions can be crucial in the business environment today. Dress codes can vary from industry to industry and can directly affect credibility so it is important to stay current when it comes to workplace dressing.

Please contact us to discuss details and budget in more detail. We will be pleased to tailor make a presentation to suit your budget and your specific corporate requirements.

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