The fabric used to make ROSARINI clothing is unique and has so many special qualities.  We use a new generation of jersey that we like to think of as the "wonder woman" of all fabric.  It is wrinkle free, machine washable and is resistant to fade and shrinking.  The fabric breathes which means it is not at all hot and sticky or smelly like similar fabrics of the past.  


It also has a mild resistance to water or liquid as the liquid forms little balls and in most cases simply slips off.  Making it perfect for those little mishaps that are bound to happen some days.  Our clothes are designed to be foremost timeless in style.  Timeless in that they are always wearable as they are classic designs which never go out of fashion.  Fashion comes and goes but true style always remains and when you buy basic items in classic colours you will always find the perfect outfit.

Jersey Fabric


Benefits of ROSARINI Fabric

Wrinkle Free – save time with no ironing or dry cleaning

Colour Doesn’t Fade – your clothes will always look like new

Machine Washable

Two Way Stretch allows for greater comfort in all directions

Fabric Breaths  allows the air to pass through and dries fast 

Will not shrink


Fabric can really determine the way you wear or the occasions you wear clothes.  A cotton t-shirt would not be suitable in most circumstances for a formal event but a ROSARINI Jersey Basic T with some glamorous wide leg pants would totally work for a more dressed up event.  So, you can see the fabric is an influencing factor on the style.  This is why ROSARINI outfits are so easy to dress up or down…the fabric allows all your pieces to seamlessly transform from day to night and as the colours never fade you can always be sure your pieces will match after many washes.

Rosarini Fabric Benefit



Jersey clothes for travel are key to packing a successful suitcase.  No one wants to waste valuable vacation time unpacking at your dream destination only to find that all your clothes will require a major overhaul due to being tightly squeezed in a suitcase for 12 hours.  Our crease free fabric allows you to simply roll up your favorite mix & match pieces knowing that they will be ready to wear on arrival.  Whether it is a vacation, a business trip, a wedding or a weekend away you will have what our Founder and CEO, Karen Scheinecker, likes to call “a good clothes trip”.  Meaning you remove the stress in worrying about how your clothes will look or if you packed the appropriate pieces.



We all work hard to earn our money and no one wants to purchase 6 white t-shirts or 5 pairs of black pants each season because they have shrunk or faded in the wash.  The sensible thing to do is purchase clothes that are going to last – not just last a season but clothes that will last many, many seasons and even years.  Spectacular Clothes that you love and can wear time and time again – sustainable fashion – more bang for your buck or in technical terms a very low cost per wear ratio.  If you just wore your favorite black pants 2 times a week, every week of the year it would be 104 times you wear them a year.  Now that makes good economics to me.






If, on the other hand you invest in a fast fashion brand that is currently trendy and low in price you may just find the cost per wear ratio would have a substantially higher result.  Those cheap pants might not end up being cheap pants after you wear them a few times and then you wash them and they fade or worse still shrink.  If we add in the time you will need to spend trawling the high streets to buy new black pants you will very quickly see that the cost per ratio or just the plain cost is huge.  So, those cheap black pants end up costing you a fortune because in reality you can only wear them a few times.


Many Mums don’t want to have to keep buying their teenage daughter new black leggings when they complain they are RUINED every time they come out of the washing machine.  We need to be CLEVER in what we spend our money on – basics should last!  In fact, they should last years and years.  ROSARINI does just that!  Last year after year, wash after wash.  They really are CLEVER CLOTHES.




WE MAKE SENSE…Clothes that are always ON DUTY

Life is busy and woman are multi-tasking more than ever.  ROSARINI can help make life a little less stressful by making clothes that make sense.  Quality, comfortable, classic, essential styles in many colours that suit all shapes and sizes.  Ageless clothes that you can share with your daughter or mother.  Clothes that you can trust to always be on duty – ready to go no matter what the occasion.  Now that makes great SENSE.  What are you waiting for ROSARINI is the key to looking and feeling great all day – every day.