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“Clothes made to last.”

At ROSARINI we have always focused on producing good quality clothes that are classic and timeless.  Our philosophy is to create clothes that will last. Clothes that you will wear for many years.  Clothes that will look as good no matter how many times you wash & wear them.  When you purchase garments that you love and you wear on repeat, there is less chance that you will feel the need to buy more because you actually have what you need hanging in your wardrobe.

We have all had that experience when you purchase what you think is your perfect pair of black pants or a t-shirt - only to wash it a few times and realise that it was not so perfect after all as it faded or shrunk.  This is what leads people on the fast fashion merry go round because the clothes are not made to last. 

Women's Green Ivan Top

Our customers understand that when they buy something from us that it will last.  It is normal for us to hear comments such as….

“I bought this piece many years ago”
“I have been wearing these pants for more than 5 years”
“I don’t need to buy pants as the ones I have still look new”

We don’t really make trendy clothes or clothes that will only be suitable for one season because our approach is that with great basics you can create any look that you want. 


When you have the essentials or building blocks that you wear year after year it means you are not constantly shopping for these.  Also, when you have better quality clothes that last longer then you are not constantly repeat purchasing those pieces you wear the most.  

In the past everything was about quality and longevity…it was always important to buy items that last.  Whether that was an electrical item or shoes.  Clothes were the same.  Why would you spend money on something that you could only wear a few times.  No one would ever consider that & at ROSARINI we like to think we still maintain those values.  

ROSARINI Slow Fashion


If you think back to the great designers like Chanel, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Armani, Christian Dior just to name a few - they were the SLOW FASHION WARRIORS.  They would never have designed a garment that was not made to last.  It went without saying that you purchased items you would wear a lifetime and then even pass on to your children.  We have these wonderful designers to thank for all the VINTAGE pieces we can now buy in the second hand market, which would never have been possible if these items were not made to the highest quality.  Then, about 20 years ago things started to change. Technology & changes in manufacturing meant clothes became cheaper and this allowed trends to come and go faster.

fast fashion adobe catwalk photo stock

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Peshkov 


Fast fashion is mostly trend driven and often based on what is being seen each season on the catwalks of fashion week or adapted from what top end designers are showing in their collections.  It can also be based on what celebrities or influencers are wearing.  Social media and the internet have bought the world to our fingertips and we are exposed to so much worldwide marketing each day.  Whereas in the old days fashion was much more regional, cultural or location driven.

women's black poncho and pants
women's black vest white top style
Women's Slow Fashion Clothing Styles


Today we live in a more environmentally conscious world.  With more and more second hand platforms offering clothes and accessories, it is now more easy to access pre-loved items rather than always buy new. 

People are looking for ways to decrease the wastage that fashion contributes to on a very large scale.  At ROSARINI we have always championed the mantra of buy less but buy good quality. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY

A wardrobe of pieces that will effortlessly mix & match and that will stand the test of time really makes more sense.  It will take the stress out of getting dressed each day – knowing that you will have what you need to create your perfect outfit. 

Clothes that you can wear to work, on the weekend or to a formal event – without the need of having to always go out and buy new items that you may only wear once. Our customers know that each piece they buy will last and that makes good sense not only for saving time &money but also the environment.

A good example of this is buying a pair of black leggings for a teenager daughter. She will wear them regularly and they will be washed repeatedly. So, no one wants to invest in a pair that will fade or shrink and that will need to be continually replaced. Buying one good pair in a fabric that is durable, comfortable and you know will last for years is the way forward.

A recent study discovered that for every 5 new pieces of clothing manufactured three pieces will be disposed of and that 90% of our clothing is thrown away before it needs to be.

Slow fashion brings us back to remembering the clothes we own and not always wanting to buy more.
No longer seeing clothes as disposable but more as loved pieces that we value and commit to owning for the long distance.
To consider how each piece will fit in with what you already own.
That is why our one fabric brand makes it so easy to create outfits as everything will always look like it was meant to go together.

Slow fashion clothing brand


We have always aimed to design and manufacture clothes that will last.  Clothes that are timeless, not trend driven and made from a fabric that will look as good as the first day you wore it.  This for us is important, because we want our customers to be able to enjoy what they buy not only today but for many years to come.  It is no longer about saving your clothes for ‘good’ because you are scared something might happen to them. We know that your favourite black pants will be your favourite black pants for the next 5 – 10 years…not many brands can make that claim.  However, our valued customers all over the world will always start by telling us that they have been wearing their favourite pieces for years!

women's black pants

ROSARINI styles can be adapted to suit any style.  Our belief is that if you have great building blocks then any individual style can be created.  Jewellery, shoes & bags can easily take a great basic and allow you to make your own specific style.  Whether that style is elegant, boho, rock chic or classic – you can be whoever you want to be.  

Women's Elegant black style outfit
Women's business black style outfit
Women's casual day black style outfit

We also try to limit our impact on the environment by making small quantities of each style.  Producing what we need rather than manufacturing large quantities and flooding the market.

Our focus is on what our customer needs.  What will work best on a daily basis and give the most amount of options.  Practical, long lasting wearable pieces that will work as hard as the wonderful women who wear them.

Clothes that give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what your day brings you are more than equipped to look & feel the very best you can.

Practical, long lasting wearable pieces that will work as hard as the wonderful women who wear them.