The Rosarini Woman



“Fearless Dressing. For women of any size, shape or age.
I want every woman to be who they want to be."

Karen Scheinecker
ROSARINI Founder & Designer


The ROSARINI woman is all of this and more.   She is a modern-day warrior, with the strength and patience to achieve countless things in one day; always with an attitude of fearlessness.   She isn't defined by just one role or one goal.   A multi-faceted woman, she juggles business and motherhood, housework and homework, husband, friends, exercise and travel, shopping and cooking plus so much more.   The ROSARINI woman, whether working, mothering or just simply living, is graceful and empowering.



 In her day-to-day routine, you can see quiet confidence and refined elegance, ever thriving - not just surviving - on her innate feminine strength.   Her ambitions are limitless, she writes her own rules, paves her own path and trusts that she has it in herself to achieve all that she wants to.   She cares deeply for those around her but never stops short of caring for and nurturing herself.   She knows how to make herself look beautiful and also how to feel beautiful.

Sustainable clothes that will last you a lifetime – saving you time and money.

ROSARINI is a brand that will stand the test of time.